Victoria Day: Only in Canada you say? Pity.

Canada Britain Flags Here comes the Victoria Day long weekend! Many Canadians do not realize that Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24th is NOT observed internationally. Our Commonwealth sister countries  celebrate the current Queen’s birthday in June. It is [ … ] Read More

April 23, 2014 is Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals is a bit of a catch-all title.  It is a very broad job category that covers the entire scope of responsibilities and valuable contributions made by office coordinators, administrative assistants, administrative specialists, executive assistants, office managers, and  supportive office [ … ] Read More

1st Day of Spring & 2nd International Happiness Day

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 is a day for double celebration. This year, in the northern hemisphere, the Spring / March Equinox falls on the same day as International Happiness Day. For those of us in Vancouver Spring, spring begins precisely @ 9:57 [ … ] Read More