JKS Talent Network is an exclusive Priority Search Practice focused on the placement of Mid Management to Executive Level Talent


Recruitment & Executive Search Services Janis learns about your company culture, your business requirements and your expectations before the talent search begins. She provides you with regular feedback on market perception, compensation levels and other issues that impact your ability to build effective teams. Most importantly, she follows through on her commitment. Trust her to use visionary thinking as she delivers exceptional value for your business.

Streamlining your search for exceptional talent demands a superior level of expertise, resourcefulness and commitment that the majority of recruiters cannot provide due to time limitations and volume commitments. Janis customizes a pain-free and simplified hiring process without sacrificing your professional reputation or team dynamic.

Janis brings people together to build award-winning, high performance teams. With wisdom, expertise and business acumen, she understands your business strategies and focuses on your structure, your culture and your future direction.

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find the ‘right-fit employees’? Do you need support in moving beyond the start-up stage to the scale-up stage and building a company culture? Is your business at a mid-stage or mature point and needing to take the next step to grow and build your business? Janis can provide you with the strategic help for the human side of your current and future needs.


Janis offers a transparent and collaborative approach that uses a high level of ethics and personal integrity. She is not limited to the “hands-off” restrictions found at large recruiting companies because JKS Talent Network works with fewer companies. We do not ‘poach’ our clients employees.

Janis shares market intelligence, provides peace of mind and builds trust by honoring her commitments in delivering the results you expect. You can count on her to tell you the truth and act with consistency and integrity at all times. She invests the time to learn and understand your vision, your people, your projects, your processes, your programs and your products. That’s how Janis uncovers what makes your team tick and what the Best Fit will look like to further compliment your business.

Janis values trustworthy, respectful and productive relationships that impact your business and deliver much more value than simply making a placement. She has a fanatical commitment to delivering both exceptional value to clients and career-boosting opportunities to talent. Janis does more than throw darts at a board. She works with you to size up your team, and pull it all together the first time.


Is JKS Talent Network different? Yes, and no.

One of the hardest things about describing search services is explaining the process in a way that doesn’t sound corny, common, unoriginal, automated, baseless or overdone with buzz words and social media speak. Janis focuses on the human side of hiring and building teams.

JKS Talent’s approach is an alternative to retained and contingency search. It is especially valued by companies looking for services that are not random in nature. Janis’ reputation was built finding ‘needles in haystacks’ and developing local and North American customized and specialized searches. When a search needs to be kept confidential, Janis is called. In particular she excels at successfully completing searches that others have given up on.

Simply put, Janis is passionate about matchmaking – doing work that delivers value for organizations and builds careers for talented people. She didn’t reinvent the wheel but she just might have put some new tires on it. That means working with a committed partner that offers a fresh journey and a smooth one.

Expect more than a recruiter because your business deserves better than a series of transactional recruiting services.

Contact the experienced Talent Search Consultant who delivers the value and the expertise you need most. Call (604) 731-2073.