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Posting a resume on a public job board can be hazardous. There is no way to ever track who will see it or where it will end up. A resume is an individual’s IP – Intellectual Property. It pays to protect it.

When working with a search specialist, privacy is something that must be honored, but don’t expect that to always be the case. JKS Talent Network treats candidates with the utmost respect. No resume is ever presented without their prior approval and JKS Talent Network will never take advantage of personal relationships such as references.  Guaranteed!

Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible for Janis to place every candidate with whom she speaks. What she can do is offer Career Consulting services to individuals that may be ‘stuck’ with their own job search.

The talented professionals with whom Janis has worked have helped build her reputation as being ‘more than a recruiter’. These people regularly recommend their friends and colleagues to her. Janis fully understands the importance of discretion and confidentiality. She will NEVER share a candidate’s name or their resumé, without prior consent.

JKS Talent Network has three service offerings (that often overlap) to those individuals that are feeling ‘stuck’ in their job search and need a shake up. Call Janis for more details and cost.

Résumé Rescue

Make Your Resume ROAR (Results Oriented and Relevant). Your ability to communicate accurately and intelligently is key to your success. Companies are simply eliminating or refuse to consider candidates that fail to convince the reader to meet you.

Career Coaching

If you’re at a crossroads in your professional life, Janis provides straightforward advice and trusted guidance. Redefine or clarify career objectives in ways that help you reconnect with your current position, change direction or consider new opportunities.

Interview Performance

Communicating your exceptional worth takes practice. Janis helps you prepare for your interview with one-on-one discussions, some tough questions and honest feedback that helps you succeed when it’s your turn to make a positive impression face-to-face.


 “I turned to Janis to help me navigate a major career transition and her assistance was invaluable. The work we did together helped me clarify my goals, identify environments where I can do my best work and provided insight into my own skill set that I could not have achieved myself. Janis is professional, personable and knows how to help her clients maximize their potential.” ~Senior Technology Entrepreneur

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