Leadership & the Fine Art of Effective Communication

Communication Excellence The art of communication is the language of leadership. Excelling in communication is one of the top consistently rated traits of distinguished leaders. On a daily basis leaders work with people whose opinions, values, beliefs and needs may be [ … ] Read More

onboarding matters

Onboarding – Critical for the Business Plan

Onboarding – Organizational Socialization The onboarding process includes the entire interaction with a new employee from interview to hire – and all that follows – orientation, integration and career development support. Unlike payroll processing, group benefit administration, training and recruitment, onboarding is [ … ] Read More

10 Rules to Hiring Great People – based on Pierre Mornell’s book “45 Effective Ways for Hiring Smart”

Rule #1 is clear AND supremely counterintuitive when hiring great people- Don’t ever, ever hire somebody just like yourself. Why is that so hard? And what has happened to executives and companies that did that? As management guru Rosabeth Kanter [ … ] Read More