The Last Sakura Blossoms

Vancouver’s 10th annual Cherry Blossom Festival will run from April 2nd  to 29th this year. The city is famous for its thousands of cherry trees that line residential streets and parks with  pink blossoms. This annual celebration marks the reawakening of reproduction and new life in [ … ] Read More

hire fire

Warning Signs an Employee Needs to be Let Go

Know when to hold, know when to fold Every manager at some point in their career (and most likely more than once) comes to a point where they have to face to music – know when to hold, know when [ … ] Read More

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Employee Appreciation

March 6th is Employee Appreciation Day!  This year, Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday March 6th.  Since 1995, the first Friday of March has become the day when businesses celebrate their employees by showing special and sincere appreciation for all that is accomplished [ … ] Read More