hug your boss

Have you Hugged Your Boss Today?

The third Friday of each August is “Hug Your Boss Day.” This year Friday, August 22nd will highlight workplace relationships, build awareness of the employee/boss relationship and value the importance that  managerial style affects employee job satisfaction and wellbeing. [ … ] Read More

April 23, 2014 is Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals is a bit of a catch-all title.  It is a very broad job category that covers the entire scope of responsibilities and valuable contributions made by office coordinators, administrative assistants, administrative specialists, executive assistants, office managers, [ … ] Read More

March 7th is a very important date for employees

Artwork by Danielle Kroll / Friday, March 7th is Employee Appreciation Day!  Since 1995, the first Friday of March is a day when companies and organizations take time out from their day-to-day business to celebrate [ … ] Read More