soft skills support hard skills

Soft Skills are Hard Necessities

People underperform because they lack soft skills. Regardless of profession, industry or niche, every role occupied by every person requires two very broad categories of skills – hard skills and soft skills. Technical skills and Non-technical skills. Even when someone [ … ] Read More


Administrative Professionals Keep Us Powered

Wednesday, April 22nd is Administrative Professionals Day and it falls in the middle of a full week of celebration. Administrative Professionals are some of the most highly valued employees in every company – they are often the glue that binds. When [ … ] Read More


Micromanagement IS Mismanagement

The ‘not so subtle’ Art of Micromanagement Micromanagement is a very unfortunate style of management. Micromanagers (less diplomatically referred to as control-freaks) suffocate their people with continual hovering, closely monitoring, getting overly involved, paying excessive attention to detail and [ … ] Read More