Ethics Training in the Workplace


Why consider ethics training? If you view the latest instances of irregularities, frauds and scandals which have been reported within the mass media associated with business executives, it’ll seem mandatory that ethics should make a solid comeback within the workplace.

Here is why ethics training is advantageous to your company

Code of Conduct: Create a written code of conduct. Determine the importance of ethics within your business. Distribute copies of it to every worker.

Create Culture of Ethics: When formulating objectives for a certain year, give main concentration to ethics training within the work arena. Establish a committee at the board level. Make the Chief Executive Officer and the Sr. manager’s key participants within this. Appoint an officer, particularly for this reason. All of these initiatives upon your part give the impression to workers that you’re serious regarding the policies and guidelines at work, therefore, assuring an ethical behavior upon the part of the workers.

Include the Staff: Include employees as you possess a review of the codes. It’ll serve as training, in and of itself. Additionally, include them when examining personal policies and professional ethics.

Become Role Model: If the Sr. managers are included in specific unethical behavior such as displaying inflated profits or misusing corporate finances, workers are going to follow suit. Therefore, the CEO and senior managers ought to be morally upright, and establish exceptional standards of ethical behavior within the work realm.

Incentive for Ethical Behavior: Formulate the types of policies which reward ethical behavior upon the part of the workers. Establish a few consequences for unethical behavior, as well. Within performance appraisals, utilize ethical performance as criterion for judging a worker’s work and accordingly determine his pay increases and incentives.

Role Playing: Performing role plays by utilizing real life circumstances make the ethics training plan intriguing and encourages active participation. Provide real life situations to workers and ask them to exhibit their course of action within these scenarios.


Guest Blogger: Judy Mackenzie, MBA, CHRP, CEC PCC, owns and operates TEVO Consulting Inc. for small and medium sized businesses and The Champion’s Mindset, focused on personal development. She is also the author of “Women Rock the Business World – A Planning Guide for Women Entrepreneurs“.

TEVO’s mission is to assist companies in reaching their strategic goals by developing leadership and people management systems that allow employees to be at their best. Judy believes engaged employees are fundamental to business success, and she designs support and management systems to help people and companies achieve their full potential.

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