Trust is a Must – in Business & in Life


Trust is a Must

Trust is something that is a critical factor in any business or personal relationship. When an organization has a strong foundation based on trust, one can be certain that the company was built and continues to be cultivated using honesty and integrity.

The only way a unique and empowering culture will stick is if there is trust present in the work environment. Communication that is trusted, creates and ensures respectful interpersonal relationships. It supports the achievement of a company’s goals. It makes it much easier and significantly more comfortable for the people and the business to become successful. Conversely, an organization without trust in its formula is full of backstabbing, fear, micromanagement and paranoid suspicion.

Trust within a company can deteriorate in many ways due to a lack of communication, dishonesty, promises not being kept, or lack of follow-through.

trust leadershipWhat is trust and how is trust usefully defined for the workplace?

  • It is both emotional and logical
  • It is feeling “safe” in the present and believing in an even better future
  • It is being comfortable with a situation without having complete knowledge of what to expect
  • It is giving something now with an expectation that it will be repaid, possibly in an unspecified way or at an unspecified time
  • Trust is enabling others to take advantage of one’s vulnerabilities and expecting that they won’t
  • Trust is based on the quality of the promises kept

Trust is telling the truth; even when it is difficult. Being truthful, authentic, and trustworthy with customers, employees and business partners create trust. It also builds credibility inside and outside an organization ultimately extending to investors and shareholders.

How does one recognize trust in the business environment ?

Successful, forward-thinking organizations are led by individuals skilled in the art and science of trust. Today’s leadership can no longer rely solely on power. Performing well under pressure builds trust within the team. Trust builds others confidence in the leader’s ability to support the team – in good times, bad times and in stressful times. The Power of Trust supports  all that is necessary for the business – honest communications, employee retention, employee motivation and company culture.

In every organization trust is in the air. Individuals instinctively know when it exists and when it is lacking. Upon entering a business, one automatically and instinctively “feels” that intangible element in the atmosphere, in the environment and by observing the interactions between employees. All this within ten minutes of arriving. (An important considering when interviewing potential candidates)

“Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the ‘me’ for the ‘we.’” – Phil Jackson, New York Knicks, President of Basketball Operations

In any business trust is a non-negotiable trait. It is a foundation of trust will permeate every aspect of your company: the people, the products they produce, and the corporate culture. Build it, protect it and honor it.

trustIt has been said that:

  • Trust is like paper. Once it has been crumpled up, it can never, ever be perfect again.
  • Trust is like a mirror. Once broken one will never look at it the same again.
  • Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Trust = Influence and Influence = Power.
  • Trust begins with you.

“Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms.” ~ Warren Bennis, American scholar, organizational consultant and author who was widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership studies.

The Most Valuable Business Commodity: Trust

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