September is Already Here?


Goodby August, Hello September!

This September long weekend represents a number of things to a variety of people -depending on what will make an impact in your life.

This long weekend is designated as Labour Day to honor and exhibit hard-working people via the labor unions. Traditionally this celebration was done with parades and recreational activities for the workers and their families to enjoy.  Today, Labor Day has become associated more as a day of physical and emotional refreshing from one’s work.  A time to stop and smell the roses, appreciate one’s family and honor all the hard work of the people with whom we spend our days.

september btsAnd what about the day immediately following Labour Day? Would that happen to be the first day of the new school term? Our psyche has been trained by twelve or more years of this same annual event.

September marks the beginning of autumn and it also brings us the month of new beginnings. This long weekend, will you be experiencing any nostalgia for days gone by?

What will this month have you thinking about?

  • Labour Day long weekend?
  • End of  the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?
  • Packing up the summer place?
  • Changes in traffic patterns?
  • The start of the academic year, back to school jitters and excitement?
  • New clothes, new teachers and new school supplies?
  • Reuniting with school chums?
  • Return to routine – early to bed, early to rise?
  • Packing school lunches before bed?
  • Leaves changing color?
  • Picking fruit, raking leaves and clearing gardens?
  • Canning fruits and vegetables?
  • American Football and the World Series in baseball?

And sadly the anniversary of the September 11th attack on the United States. I expect we will all be thinking of where we were, and who we were with, on that fateful day. After the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on February 26th, 1993, who could have guessed something even worse would happen?

september fruitSeptember thoughts …..

For me, we are entering one of those months of transition, with new starts, cooler evenings and lots of apples! September is a month that can not be swept under the carpet. Summer turns into fall, everyone is back from summer vacation, businesses start to feel the seasonal ebb and flow in sales, discussions take place on adding new employees and 4th quarter strategies are firmed up.

For those individuals looking for a new role, intent on changing careers or wanting to keep their ear to the ground, this may be your month to take a good look around and shift into full gear.

My fall has already begun. Last weekend I was out to a farm to pick fruit that has been quickly ripening this summer. There was so much this year that the Food Bank will be the happy recipients of not only fruit for juicing, but plenty of unblemished organics for less fortunate individuals to enjoy by hand.

A few facts about September

  • The name September comes from the old Roman word “septem”.  September was the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 46 BC, when the first month of the year was changed from March to January
  • September is the ninth month of the Gregorian  calendar and only month with the same number of English letters in its name as the number of the month
  • Every year September begins on the same day of the week as December
  • No other month ends on the same day of the week as September
  • The 2014 equinox – September 22 or 23 (depending on time zone) is the seasonal signpost in the Earth’s orbit around the sun
  • The Harvest Moon will shine on the night of September 8-9, 2014. It happens anywhere from two weeks before to two weeks after the autumnal equinox
  • The first Labor Day was celebrated as a US legal public holiday on September 3, 1894
  • The Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were established on September 1, 1905
  • Mickey Mouse made his debut on September 19th, 1928
  • On September 1, 1939, World War II began in Europe when the German troops invaded Poland
  • Originating in 1978, September   8th is Grandparents Day  – always the first Sunday after Labor Day
  • September 16th is Working Parents Day – this includes Moms that work (hard!) at home
  • There are five Jewish holidays celebrated in September (or early October) Rosh Ha-Shanah (New Year); Tzom Gedaliah); Yom Kippu); Sukkot and Simhat
  • My personal favorite – September 4th, National Eat an Extra Dessert Day
  • September 25 is National One-Hit Wonder Day honoring rock singers and groups that had just one hit record

september What will you and yours get up to this long weekend?

What ever it is – have fun and enjoy these last dog days of summer. The next stage of your development begins on Tuesday, September 6th! Are you ready?

To put you in the mood, here are some of the best known September Songs.

If you feel like a little dancing in your chair, Earth, Wind & Fire – September will definitely get you going. Who knows, maybe you’ll even up out of your chair. How about singing along with the chorus?


Say do you remember
dancing in September
never was a cloudy day

Say do you remember
dancing in September
golden dreams were shiny days

Ba de ya de ya de ya

~ written by Maurice White, Al McKay, and Allee Willis

Have a wonderful long weekend!

As they sang in American Graffiti See you in September

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